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Preston David Perry, Owner of Gorilla Warfare Fitness and Apparel and Golden1 Pharma, has been immersed in the world of fitness since his youth. He grew up as a multi sport athlete playing baseball, basketball and his all time favorite, football. Many people don’t realize that growing up in a rundown neighborhood made sports a way of escape. From Mobile, Alabama to Atlanta, Georgia and finally ending up in the small town of Benton, Kentucky, life wasn't always the easiest. Growing up in a lower class family and fighting for everything he had just strengthened Preston’s passion for football, ultimately gaining him options for scholarships as a running back and linebacker. Part of weight training day-in and day-out served to expand his knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Upon finishing high school football, Preston earned his GED, joined the United States Army and began learning about not only leadership and character but also strength training and conditioning without the benefits of a weight room.  Dumbbells, barbells and cable machines were quickly replaced by pushups, sit ups and two-mile runs. After returning from Afghanistan in December 2012, he left the Army and began working within the fitness industry, taking a job at Complete Nutrition where he learned about supplements and the science behind the compounds needed to grow and recover the body. In 2014, he made the decision to leave Complete Nutrition and accepted a job at Olympus Athletic in Murfreesboro, TN. Preston soon found his niche in the body building world by competing in Men’s Physique and not long after, making the leap into Body Building as a Super Heavyweight.

Since having the opportunity to meet IFBB Pros such as James “Flex” Lewis and Brandon “The Prodigy” Curry, Preston credits this for inspiring him to launch Gorilla Warfare in January 2015 and Golden1 Pharma at the end of 2017. Gorilla Warfare is in hopes to be the first of its kind by providing the fitness industry with something they have never seen before; a clothing line which is meant for EVERYONE: Body Builders, Powerlifters, Bikini Competitors, the Average Joe, the woman who seeks to lose weight or tone up, the man who hopes to put on size and feel good, and lastly, just the everyday person who wants to better themselves.

“I want to see my shirts in every gym and at every fitness event nation-wide. Not just as a business and brand, but as a movement and a lifestyle. We want people to get behind what Gorilla Warfare stands for: the brand for someone who has their own personal objectives in the gym, doesn’t want to fall into a fitness stereotype and isn’t afraid to take steps forward by pushing through all obstacles that may arise.” -Preston David Perry (a.k.a) Gorilla


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